Dr. Shailesh Darji - Neurologist in Ahmedabad

Neurologist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Shailesh Darji is a highly successful and enterprising Neurologist in Ahmedabad having a strong medical interest in Dementia, Movement Disorders, Facial pains, Headaches, Balance disorders, Vertigo as well as Neurological Critical care associated with Epilepsy and Stroke. Dr. Shailesh Darji is also keenly interested in Art as well as the History of Neurology along with the other social aspects of this field.

Dr. Shailesh Darji diverse academic achievements include MBBS, DM (Neurology) and MD (Internal Medicine) qualifications which fostered his strength in the medical career path that he has chosen. Additionally, he also underwent a month of observer-ship program in the Neurology Department of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology in Thiruvananthapuram. He also attended a few more workshops and courses that helped him to establish himself as a professional Neurologist in Ahmedabad.

In his professional career, Dr. Shailesh Darji has got extensive clinical experience when it comes to the management of different types of neurological emergencies such as Status Epilepticus, Acute Ischemic Stroke, Movement Disorder Emergencies, Acute Confusional State and Acute Neuromuscular Weakness. Dr. Darji is also quite well versed in dealing with IV Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke as well as Electrophysiology including EMG, NCV, VEP, EEG and Video EEG. Apart from working with the neurological background, Dr. Darji has also got five years of working experience as Critical Care Physician where his responsibilities included addressing the needs of patients on intubation, ventilator and central line and its diverse complications. He also worked on ICU infection management and implemented overall medical practice associated with Internal Medicine. Such experience helped him to become an acclaimed Neurologist in Naranpura.

Dr. Darji is also intimately associated with numerous publications, research activities and presentations. He has won several awards and accolades in diverse competitions as well as notable presentations.

Neurologist in Ahmedabad

Neurological Emergencies

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Acute Ischemic Stroke

Ischemic stroke can be described as a sudden ceasing of blood circulation in a specific area of a person’s brain which leads to a corresponding halting of a neurologic function.

Status Epilepticus

At quite high levels, the drug group benzodiazepines work in a similar manner to phenytoin. Drugs used for treatment of Status Epilepticus include the 3 benzodiazepines, namely, diazepam, midazolam and lorazepam.

Acute Confusional State

Acute confusional state, also referred to as Delirium, is a type of organically caused mental decline occurring from a previously existing baseline of stable mental functioning. The condition causes disorganization of behavior.

Movement Disorder

Movement disorders are basically clinical syndromes that may involve excess of a particular form of movement or paucity of involuntary and voluntary movements, which may be unrelated to spasticity or weakness.

Acute Neuromuscular Weakness

Patients in intensive care unit sometimes develop generalized weakness because of a number of critical factors. Acute neuromuscular weakness often develops as a major cause of failure which leads to decreased limb movements and weaning from the ventilator.

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